Cold Flat Junction

Cold Flat JunctionCold Flat Junction by Martha Grimes

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While missing some of the magic of Hotel Paradise -- and possessing a first 20 pages or so that horrifically recapitulate said predecessor -- any continuation of Emma Graham's story is a good thing, and Grimes still managed to hook me, or I should say, put me in a brown study.

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ps. It is hard to not like a precocious girl who uses Patsy Cline and Faulkner to meddle with a Sheriff and a poacher respectively.


Jen said...

ooh, that's annoying about the 20 page recap. I forgot about that - I wonder if (in part) it's because it was published 4 years and 3-4 Richard Jury novels after Hotel Paradise. (Jury is her long-running detective series.) Not that it's an acceptable excuse, of course.

I should go back and read these all again.

adam ____________________________ said...

Yeah, I was pretty shocked at how bad it was. I agree, there's probably a reason like the one you provide, but I hope it was an editor's insistence or something. It was just bad. (And she even got a couple of small details wrong in the recounting of the first book.)

But I did enjoy the book. I just think the first one was so pitch perfect. And the fact that her name isn't revealed until the end. All sorts of things she'd never be able to replicate. But still, a good book.

I'm also itching to read Owen Hill's Chandler apartment mystery novels. Not connected to the Emma Graham novels in any way at all (style or tone), just another itch. So I'm debating on my next mystery read, Belle Ruin, or The Chandler Apartments?

ps. Have you ever read The End of The Pier? It's Grimes' book featuring Maud from the Rainbow diner.

Jen said...

I have read The End of the Pier! But I only read it once and it was ages ago - probably when it came out. I can't really remember much about it, except Maud drank a lot and seemed very sad. (something about her son?) It precedes the Emma Graham books by a fair bit.

and YES, I love that we never know Emma's name until the end of the book! I remember sort of fretting about it while reading it the first time " but what is her naaaaame???"

I would say give yourself a little break from the Grimes and read a book from your new series (which looks v. interesting!) - then when you come back to Belle Ruin (which is good) it will be a welcome return.