Some go underground, I go back in time

Continuing a thread here, musical pickings seem iffy lately. Zelig says he opts to go to the underground music scene. I do as well. But lately? I'm going back in time.

I've always loved the blues. The real shit. Chicago up through the 70's. Country blues from the 70's. Delta blues. Some of the revival stuff from the 80's and 90's. Anything with a killer harp player/riff. My latest obsession? Junior Wells's album Hoodoo Man Blues with Buddy Guy from 1965. That shit is ripped right out of the heart of Chicago blues, packing one hell of a punch, dripping with blues and sex -- and it's just as potent and effective today as it was back then.

The proof is in the YouTube, in threes:

And probably my current fav:

ps. Junior Wells is a badass. No past tense about it.

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