Boners: Molls me likes

You can buy those T-shirts off her, bitches!

I'm starting a series on my whims of the world wide web. Which I'm calling Boners, in honor of Ms. Molly Hall, whose use of the phrase is both awesome (in both fact and in definition), and tickles the shit out of me. So it's only fitting that I center my first one on:

Molly McAleer.  Fuck me sideways, she's funny.  I am waist deep in MollsSheWrote. Because, no offense, I have zero interest in 2 Broke Girls, so I instead opt to eat that shit up on her blog. The blog isn't new news. The looks-like-a-drunken-tweener McAleer writes for a network comedy for fucks sake. But I stumbled on it randomly last week and I've been devouring it since.

She rather strikes me as a 21st century stab at the archetypical P.G. Wodehouse girl. Cute, appealing, smart and funny -- but also unpredictable, off-kilter, strident, reckless, and most certainly dangerous.

So I ignore that she makes me feel much older than her than I actually am. I ignore that her blog makes mine look like it was spawned by a lazy Prodigy-era shit (an internet reference she probably wouldn't even get). And I ignore the reminder that extroverted alcoholics do much better out here in the desert.

I instead focus on the funny. And the adorable, crazy, crass Molls.

ps.  She also tweeted that Sallie Mae is a nasty bitch, and this endears her to me.


Zelig Skykiller said...

dude, i hadn't heard a "prodigy" reference in probably 17 years. THANK YOU! I NEEDED THAT!!!


adam ____________________________ said...


Hells yeah. I was all @prodigy.net-ing it back in the day. Cue the PM Dawn...