Movember and Mercedes at the Washing Machine

When you're doing laundry for three, and one of them is an 18-month-old, well, you do a lot of laundry.  So I was here:

And then there was this dude.

Only less camera-friendly than Cagney, more white trash and with more of a severe haircut -- but the same 'stache.  And he was pissed.  I probably would have been scared if I wasn't folding women's underwear and staring at his silly mustache.  He approached me with the following terse greeting:

He didn't think that was funny, but he went off looking for the owner of the Mercedes.  At first I hoped, for his sake, that the mustache was some Movember nonsense.  But then I saw him outside getting into a mini-van with an angry Hispanic guy, a large woman, and a toddler who not only was not in a car seat, but was running around the back seat as they drove away.  So no Movember, just white trash.  The perennial 'stache!

ps. I laughed off the Mercedes thing, but when I looked out the window there was said Mercedes, a Hummer, and a Beamer in front of the grimy Washing Machine.  That's the desert.  Drivin' luxury, livin' in a dump.


JUST ME said...

This made me laugh.

I also can't believe you have to do your FAMILY's wash at a laundry place. Doing my own laundry at a laundromat is enough to make me hate life for an entire wash / dry cycle.

adam ____________________________ said...

I find that it keeps me in touch with the street. And by the street, I mean LA loonies. And by LA loonies, I mean LA. :)

Zelig Skykiller said...

i recall those days. when i was in living in hollyweird, i was told that "your car is your status".

i was driving a periwinkled ford aspire.

*le sigh*

adam ____________________________ said...

Yeah, but a lot of those "high status" people live in dumps. I love how you can drive down a not-so-shiny stretch of apartments and there are a bunch of luxury cars street-parked out front. Many of my neighbors drive "status cars." And yet I have a parking spot, and none of them do. Hollyweird, indeed.