So tired

I've been burning the candle at way too many ends.  Working through lunch breaks and dinner.  Staying up late to try and get everything done.  I'm so tired.  And I still feel like I'm short-changing my writing.  This song came up on my iTunes tonight.  Kept repeating.

ps.  Try and look past the overwrought imagery the YouTuber used.  And the suicidal overtones of the song.  I'm just exhausted and spread too thin.  I'm not a Sandra Bernhard drama queen. 

p.p.s.  Though my idea of porn these days is images of people sleeping.  You know those internet ads for sleeping pills or god knows what, and they have an image of someone all nestled into a giant marshmallow of a pillow?  They're just at the start of an 8 hour stretch of the dreamless,  and they have a closed eye expression on their face that says, "Hate me all you want, bitch, this is HEAVEN."  

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