Boners: Pump Up the Volume

I was talking to a coworker about Leonard Cohen, and Pump Up the Volume came up. She'd never seen it. She asked for a current comparison and I realized there really isn't one. When I was in high school, I rented Pump Up The Volume (back when people used video stores) on a whim, and I loved it. It comforted and inspired me. It sparked years of listening to Leonard Cohen and The Pixies. It made me want to start a pirate radio station. (This was early-era internet, people). And it cemented my love of the dark, artsy semi-bad-girl. Oh, Samantha Mathis...

I watched it a lot through high school. But I haven't seen it since then -- I have a fear of movies I used to love not aging well. But from this YouTube trailer, it seems like this one might have aged just fine.

ps. Definitely putting it on the list to rewatch. I can't imagine growing up with the slate of movies they make about teens these days. They all seem completely insincere, unrealistic, clueless, or completely warped by fantasy or pop culture.

pps. This one goes out to high school me:

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