Holy sleepless night

No, I wasn't partying. No, I wasn't drinking. I was up all night working on a project. Got maybe an hour and a half of sleep before I had to get up again. Wow. I remember when I used to pull all-nighters like my ass was nocturnal. No longer. My ass needs sleep.

Anyway. This morning my son wanted us take pictures with Photobooth on my computer. He's a year and a half, but he still realizes that's pretty fun. I put on sunglasses as my red/tired eyes couldn't handle the flash. Afterwards I decided a self portrait was in order. Though I forgot the effect I'd had on with my son was still on.

Kids, this is what happens when you don't get your beauty rest.

ps. Long time since I've been up and sober at 4am. Weird time, 4am.

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Zelig Skykiller said...

lol. contrary to your last sentence there, there is nothing 'sober' about this picture.

it is cool though.