Chloë Moretz, Skype & Journey

ps.  I honestly don't even know why I find this so transfixing.  Even with the buffering.  Maybe because of the buffering.  It also helps that I literally stumbled on this on YouTube.  Totally random, didn't even think it was real when I clicked on it.  Part of it may be that I have a hard time of thinking of her as anything but Hit-Girl, and I didn't even like Kick-Ass.  But somehow she's adorably and completely unselfconscious, full of quirk and whimsy, and cute as a button.  I mean, really, Chloë Moretz lip-singing to Journey over Skype to a friend?  And I can't stop watching it?  Really?  Really. 

pps.  I also love:  "Bye.  Put this on Facebook." 

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