Ferris Bueller?, James Franco does USC, and Dance Party Friday!

Ferris Bueller in a Super Bowl commercial.  I realize everyone is shitting their bricks over this.  But people do realize he's going to be selling Doritos or All State insurance, right?  I mean, this is essentially no different from the G.I. Joe franchise, the Battleship movie, or internet vids turned into TV ad campaigns.  (See here.  And here.  And here.)

But, go ahead.  As Ralph Nader said in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, the only place you can go to avoid advertising is to sleep.  The risk-averse industry is making cannibalism cool.  Our childhoods are what's for dinner.  Shit your bricks:

And then there's Undergrads, ubiquitous James Franco's scripted reality web series on USC misspent youths.  You can see the LA Times article here on how USC is also shitting some bricks over this, and how it's basically fueling the University of Spoiled Children party school image that USC has been trying to overcome.

James Franco on WhoSay

I'm not sure what's more ridiculous.  This series, the fact that (based on the LA Times article) USC's undergrad film students appear to be in their mid-to-late 20's, or James Franco.  Of course it's probably James Franco, but I'm going to have to go with the mid-to-late 20's thing.  So USC is no longer a rich kids' Club Med, but it is a place for aimless tweny-somethings to get belated Club Med degrees?  Awesome. 

ps.  And, of course, to make all things better, Dance Party Friday!

To continue the retro theme, a classic from back when:

And then something from high school/college:

pps.  I know I mentioned G.I. Joe, but the sequel trailer, god help me, is pretty fun. Not that that means anything.  But still.

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