Sex > Running, or Running > sex?

ps.  Gonna have to check with 25 on this one. 


Zelig Skykiller said...

for the record, i do think about sex a lot during runs, especially if i'm chasing down a hot gal (or sometimes not so hot, you can never tell until you see her face in my opinion).

however, i have NEVER thought about running while having sex. i do often think about baseball, but it's only when i don't want to shoot too early, so i'll rehearse starting lineups from my favorite 80s st. louis cardinals clubs to divert my thoughts.

adam ___________________ said...

Ah. Just like the movie Singles. Nice. Personally, I think about sex when I'm running, having sex, eating a sandwich, or disarming a fucking bomb with :03 second left on the clock. But I thought a runner's runner was a good litmus test. Good to know.