Awww + LOL + Poor Molls + LOL + Ummm....

Ordinarily, I don't feel good about laughing at someone's discomfort.  And I wouldn't share it.  But Molls put it out there, so, all's fair in love and reblogging.  And, in my defense, I wasn't just laughing.  As I've been internet stalking her blog and vids, I do have a soft spot in my interwebs heart for Molls.  So I also felt bad for her, I wished she had someone to pat her on the back and tell her that it's really not that much paperwork, and I also wondered how someone so industrious and talented could be so flustered by something like getting a drivers license or a passport.  Still, I couldn't help laughing.  You can't avoid bureaucratic red tape, it's like gravity or reality TV.  (Poor Molls should never watch Brazil, she'd have a heart attack.)



ps.  I also wanted to tell her that she should get a CA drivers license because her ass is going to get a ticket for that shit.

pps.  I really need to stop swearing.

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