Boners: Lana del Rey meets Hunger Games

ps. "He's got a girl's name."  +  "Pita is a pouch of bread"  =  hilarity and time well spent.

pps. Conversation with my wife, who just finished the books:

Her: God. That was awful.
Me: Why did you even read them, then?
Her: I just wanted to fucking finish them.
Me: That sounds like a good reason to waste precious hours of your life.
Her: You know, I didn't even realize that Katniss was a girl until 20 pages into the first book.
Me: That would have been a much more interesting love triangle.


Jeff Pulice said...

my wife asks me why I re-read some books again and again. I tell her that one reason is to help my own style when I write, just setting up echoes that might (hopefully) guide me to improve. But really? I just want to avoid the fact that 95% of the new books I buy disappoint me and waste my time.

adam ___________________ said...

Yeah. I don't know if that's the benefit of time, that the crap of the past has just drifted away, or if things are really worse now. But I agree, I don't read a lot of new books either. I do reread Graham Greene a lot.