Mad Men : Season 5 Ads :: Classy : Trashy

Please pardon both the NYC example above (I couldn't find a pic of the LA billboards) and the analogy test question format, but for the love of Lori Loughlin, this is ridiculous.  I've long said that Mad Men is a poor man's amazing TV -- but it is, nonetheless, smart TV.  And usually, I'd say, classy TV.  Now, I haven't watched since the second season because, well, I have better shit to do than to sit through stretches of boredom to get to moments of brilliance.  But I remember it being classy.  The pilot was one of the classiest I've ever seen.

But when you're in LA and you write, you're supposed to love Mad Men.  Speaking out against it is something Sinead O'Connor would do on SNL.   But the billboards that are up to tease the upcoming 5th season are trashy in so many ways:

  1. It took me weeks to even realize what they were for. 
  2. Ads that will only work in, essentially, two American coastal cities is like spending millions of dollars advertising pot to driftless space cadets in their twenties. No need, they're already eating of your hand.
  3. Adultery is back?  Is that really the selling point of Mad Men?  Because now I associate Mad Men with AshleyMadison.com and Arnold Schwarzenegger. And when the hell did adultery ever leave?  People can't stay married.  There was never any question of this country being in danger of rising levels of fidelity.  This is the kind of dumb advertising that infuriates me because it seemingly has nothing to do with the show and will only attract the gullible and those that would otherwise be watching Teen Mom.
  4. There is absolutely no cohesion between these ads and the rest of the Mad Men Season 5 campaign, nor the show's previous advertising.  
  5. It's one thing to play for shock or to play against the standards of the Parents Television Council.  I'm all for that.  (I actually loved the ad below.)  But it's completely another thing to be a douche.  Sex is cool.  Adultery isn't.  It's not complicated.  If people are watching Mad Men because of the low emotional IQ's of its characters or because of the broken homes, then god help us all. 
  6. Since when did Mad Men in any way aspire to emulate Gossip Girl? (And fail, I might add.) :


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