Snob = Biracial son of a single mother on food stamps

At 2:40, Colbert rips into Rick Santorum's "snob" comment regarding Obama wanting everyone to be able to go to college, the uppity bastard. 

ps. Four years ago I thought nothing was scarier than Sarah Palin.  Thank you, Republicans, for reminding me that we live in a world without limits.

pps.  And thank you for not pushing forward a real candidate that could actually beat Obama.  God forbid you had gotten behind Ron Paul, the only Republican I'd actually vote for.

ppps.  My college friend, Rod, used to like to defuse all disagreements by abruptly saying:  "I like pie."  It always worked.  So, on a closing note:

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Zelig Skykiller said...

totally agree with that Palin/Santorum statement about how you felt last election.

ps, Ron Paul gets my vote too.