Strange Clouds

ps.  Something to think about during tomorrow's rush hour traffic.  Something to remind me of my state of mind tonight.


JUST ME said...

Dig this song. Not sure why.

I liked your comment on my blog. And I agree - stoned idiots are really, REALLY annoying. And people who self-medicate with the stuff, all day long, are annoying too. And I would not want my kid to be around copious amounts of weed smoke, just like I wouldn't want my kid to be around copious amounts of cigarette smoke.

Too much weed turns people into idiots. But so does too much liquor. Both will fuck with your health long-term. I don't think weed should be celebrated. But I think it should be as legal, and as accessible, as cigarettes or beer.

It's the hypocrisy element that permeates so much of big business and government bullshit...that's what irks me.

Thanks for the thoughtful thoughts.

adam ___________________ said...

And thanks for your thoughtful thoughts. :)

I agree with you, I really do. I just think there seems to be little room for thoughtfulness and moderation.

But you're right, the hypocrisy is overwhelming and infuriating.

Awful jobs and uncomfortable chairs are also unhealthy. I hope you find an alternative to both soon.