Super Bowl XLVI Alternative Programming: Derrick Rose

ps.  Even the Jawa's are impressed:  Houdini!


Zelig Skykiller said...

DUDE! i was watching this game and when he did that shizz i lost my mind. LOST MY MIND!!!! with rose, lob city, the thunder, the scheme team... dude, we are getting so much good basketball this year it's SICK!!!! and i'm loving it.

adam ___________________ said...

Sadly I only caught the game in highlights. Freaking pacific time zone. But yeah, that was amazing. And now that lob city got Kmart (and some killer defense), holyyyyy sheeeeet. Sometimes I mourn the plundering of the 2009 Nuggets, but still, it's gonna be good to see Billups and Martin playing together again. But, regardless, my heart is always with the Bulls. D rose!