#2 please

IM at work today with J:

10:48:18 AM Adam - did you get a cappuccino?
10:41:11 AM
 J - no i got a vanilla latte
10:41:16 AM
 J - stuck with what i know
10:41:24 AM
 J - and i felt weird saying wet cappuccino
10:42:57 AM
Adam - you could have said "moist" instead
10:43:17 AM
J - Image and video hosting by TinyPic
10:44:22 AM
Adam - i would pay like TWO DOLLARS to hear you order a moist cappuccino
10:45:10 AM
J - ha.  that would pay for half
10:45:17 AM
J - done
10:45:25 AM
J - you're coming with me next time
10:45:35 AM
J - i wonder what they'll end up giving me tho?
10:46:35 AM
Adam - either a slightly wet cap or an arrest warrant for solicitation
10:47:36 AM J - ooooh, #2 please

ps.  You've got to try to curb those vanilla lattes.  It's a filthy habit. 

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