My daughter was born this week (exclamation points do not suffice)

There's really no sufficient way to describe this week. There's been a lot decisions and change going on lately for my family. But my daughter's arrival put that all into perspective, if she didn't throw it forcefully right out the window for the time being.

I've tried to put it into words. But the attempts were lackluster, disappointing, and awful. So after two attempts, I'm going to provide a few details instead:

  • My daughter shares a birthday with someone in our family, as do I, my wife, and my son.  Apparently this is a pattern in our immediate family.  As my brother's girlfriend said recently, March is an expensive month.  :)
  • We were also put in the same waiting room in Labor and Delivery as we had been when our son was born almost two years ago. 
  • This is the song the anesthesiologist had playing on the sound system when I sat down next to my wife in the operating room: 

  • Which was fitting, as the baby turned out to be a girl.  Now, we were, as current lingo goes, Team Green.  Which means we didn't know the gender of the baby before she was born. Which is very retro and apparently very uncommon these days -- it drove our families nuts and every person we came into contact with at the hospital loved it.  And for several reasons I won't go into now, both my wife and I were fairly sure it was a boy.  But we were wrong, life threw us a curve ball.  And we were shocked and thrilled.  I actually asked one of the nurses in my shock to verify that it was a girl.  "Yeah, I think we have confirmation of that," she said.  I wish I had a way to communicate that surprise.  Sadly, and amusingly, this is really the best I can do:

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  • Even though I've had to endure a feverish rush of shopping for all things baby and pink (including a baby hat with a flower on it that's big enough to rival a beach umbrella), I've loved every minute of it.  And I plan to continue doing so until she wants to start dating.  (Dear god.)

ps.  For the past five years my mantra has been:  "Life is what happens while you're making other plans."  For the past week, if not the past two years, that's been just fine with me.  And I expect April to just keep that ball rolling.  Bring it.


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adam ___________________ said...

Thanks, man. Appreciate it. It's a whirlwind, but it's awesome.

Jen said...

Congratulations!!!! A surprise baby girl has got to be one of the best kind of surprises :)