Boners: Levitation!

I saw this link today, and I couldn't stop looking through this girl's blog, yowayowacamera.com, which she describes as a "yowayowa camera woman diary."

She hasn't posted on it for almost a year, but still -- an entire blog of a girl's levitating self-portraits? Yes, please.

It's mainly pictures of her floating around Tokyo, and then some pics of her cats, because that's as obvious a pairing as twenty-somethings and IKEA, apparently.

Sure, she's cute as a freaking button (and she gives good levitating leg), but that's not even it.  Or at least not all of it, anyway.

Anyone could jump in front of a camera on a tripod set to a timer.  But the framing and composition, the way she angles herself so she looks like she must have fallen right on her face, the way she immerses herself amid people and with props, the manner in which she dangles and poses herself with seemingly relaxed limbs and composed clothes, hair and expression -- these are like ethereal, accidental pictures that have stolen glimpses of a girl superhero.

To think if I had known about this in early 2011 and I could have looked forward to daily "Today's Levitation."  Dear god.



Zelig Skykiller said...

wow. just wow! thanks for the link. i'm gonna waste a lot of time on that girl's page, believe me.

adam ___________________ said...

oh yeah.