50 Shades of Bad Sex

It's one thing when people read poorly-written-yet-fun crap.  It's another when they read once-Twilight-internet-fan-fiction crap.  But a "sexy" "novel" with the sexual IQ of a DMV visit?  That's unforgivable.  

I mean, is this really what that many people think is hot?  Really?  This alone could serve as a scientific study to explain some of the bad sex I had when I was dating in my 20's.

And to be clear, "kinky" is overrated.  I'm just talking about tone, approach, and atmosphere here.  Shocking doesn't equate sexy.  This is sexual schmuck bate.

Anyone who's ever had awkward or awful sex, all of the single people I know who keep telling me about all the bad sex that's our there currently, anyone who's had sex with a Fundamentalist, anyone who's ever dated someone who thinks Twilight is as hot as it gets --  EVERYONE should be protesting Vintage Books like it's Evil Fat Cat Bank Numero Uno.  The 99% should dedicate the month of June to this issue alone.

IT COULD DESTROY THE WORLD.  (Or result in further bad sex.  Pot-tay-to, po-tah-to.)

The world needs a mental enema. 

pps.  Great review of this catalogue of unsexiness right here.   Thank you Hammervision for the link.

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