The 90's will Linger tonight

OK, that post title is just awful.  But still.  The 90's are back in a big way tonight for me.  My friend Jeff, he of the 50 miles (see yesterday's post), did a much more impressive thing this week in that he's offered me one of his tickets to The Cranberries reunion tour tonight here in Chicago.  Jeff, clearly, is awesome.  I am REALLY looking forward to this.

I'm not as diehard a fan as Jeffy is, but the Cranberries are still one of those bands that, for me, define the 1990's.  Many of their songs will always remind me of that high school era.  I'm not one who yearns for the high school years at all.  At all.  But still.  Songs like this do make me a yearn, I guess, a little:

ps.  Side note, I do (admittedly) prefer Wong Faye's cover of Dreams.  So sue me.  Here's the song via a clip from Chungking Express, a truly amazing movie (also from the 90's) that's always been a favorite of mine.  (That's lovely Faye herself acting in it.)

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Jeff said...

Okay, I admit, that Faye Wong version is pretty sweet too ;-)