Be true to your school - in the 21st Century

These high school lip dub videos are all over the place now.  I usually skip them as they can be incredibly awkward and the teachers and administrators in them usually make me very anxious to be in my thirties.  (At what point do people completely lose their awareness and transition into the awkward, oblivious adults we all knew as kids?)  And I went to this high school, which gives it an extra shudder factor.

But this video mainly involves the students, and its incredibly organized and involved.  The orchestration is impressive.  When I went to this school, there was no organization or infrastructure to support this kind of effort.  I did all my video experimentation on my own with my own equipment and at the local public access station.  (Do public access stations even exist anymore?)

So this is impressive.  Go Huskies.  Or something.

ps.  On its own merits, in terms of the technology available today, this is fairly easy to do.  But the organization and timing of so many people -- and so many high schoolers at that -- is still really impressive.  I remember it was hard just to get a few people to show up for video projects.

pps.  Though, it's also impressive in terms of what one can do today versus when I was in high school.  So, I'm getting old, I guess.

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