TV Audiences and NBC are Asleep

So as we found out at the end of last week, Awake has been cancelled.  And a slate of vapid and vacuous shows were renewed.  An intelligent show doesn't stand a chance on network television.

And even then, it seems smart people won't even watch a smart show.  I hardly know anyone who watched awake.  It was one of the best pilots I'd seen in years, and no one I ran into in town was talking about it.  That may be because these people needed to follow shows that were being watched.  And Awake wasn't one of them, obviously.

Were people watching it online?  Were people DVR-ing it at least?  I sincerely hope so.  

Somehow it seems people want their entertainment calories empty and easy.  Maybe it's the times.  Or maybe it's just that marketing seems to be operating at a gutter-level of effectiveness and quality.  I don't know.

But, shit.  If a show of that caliber can't even get a shot, let alone a renewal, then bring on the crap.  That's all that's being watched, so that's all that's being put out.  And a truly great show is already lighting in a bottle to begin with, a total corporate fluke.


Open a book.

ps.  I feel truly sorry for Kyle Killen.  He's one of the more interesting writers out there in entertainment, and almost nobody wants to watch his work.  He's the current TV equivalent of "not appreciated in his own time."

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