I love this game


And for good measure, yet again:

ps.  A neighbor put out a Little Tykes basketball hoop with a sign on it that said, "Free."  I should also state that when my wife and I discussed my son's birthday, I wanted to get him said basketball hoop, and she wanted to get him a trike.  I lost.  And the Universe provided.

(Cue inspiring sports music here.)

Oh, the games that will be held this summer in the Marshall family Play Room arena.  The swish of the net.  The clutch shots.  The classic pitting of father against son.  Thirty-something man regressing to childhood against manic toddler.  Gatorade (for me) and milk (for him) will overfloweth.

I don't know who's more excited about it, me or my son.  Let the season begin.

My son currently likes to say, "Let's do this."  So I'm working with him now on "I love this game."

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