Let's be clear: Nothing is cray. Cause that shit's kray.

It may be a small matter, but the telephone game distortions resulting from clever turns of a phrase or coined terms in pop music are annoying.

So let's be clear:   Nothing is cray.

Kanye and Jay-Z may not be at the top of everyone's list, but they're much more clever than to just eliminate the "z" in crazy.

It's "that shit's Kray."

The pudding, and some Urban Dictionary:

Contrary to popular belief, "Cray" is in fact not a shortened version of crazy. The actual spelling of the word is Kray. The phrase "That shit Kray", also known as the lyric from "Niggas in Paris", is referring to Ronald and Reginald Kray. They were schizophrenic twin brothers and crime lords of 1950s and 60s London. The police failed to catch them on multiple occasions, which is where the lyric "Ball so hard mother fuckers want to find me. That shit Kray. That shit Kray. That shit Kray." originally comes from.

ps. This is why text speak is just awful. So, while we're at it, stop sending me emails that consist of "K Tx."

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