RIP Ray Bradbury, you will be missed

I'm shocked.  I mean, he lived a full life.  But still, Ray Bradbury is one of those writers that impacted me at a young age.  Unlike any other writer, he created so many vibrant worlds -- through so many short stories and novels -- that have stayed with me, seared into my memory and my imagination.

Thank you Mr. Bradbury for those stories I'll never forget:

Short Stories

"Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!"
Alien invasion via microbial/fungal invasion.  Subtle, ingenious.

"All Summer in a Day"
Children who have never seen the sun.  Children from Earth growing up on Venus.  The simple cruelty of children in this story is something I'll never forget.  It's always something that comes back up in my mind.  That helplessness.  A great story.


Fahrenheit 451 
Firemen.  Who start fires instead of stopping them.  To burn books.  Such a good book.

Dandelion Wine
As someone who grew up in the Chicago suburbs, this resonated for me.  Realistic, yet dark and magical.  And his description of what it felt like as a kid to get a new pair of shoes in the summer, to run on cushions of marshmellow-y air.  Great stuff.

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