Boners: Jeremiah at 12 and 32: freaking brilliant video

So a very typical, and yet incredibly precocious, 12-year-old videotapes himself in 1992 interviewing himself in the future. And then at 32, the same man finds the video tape and re-edits it with his 32-year-old self having a conversation with his 12-year-old self.

It's real. It comes off clever, sure. But I kept marveling at how this was all constructed in advance by this guy at 12 years old. 12! Most of what's fun in this video is a result of this guy working off of the structure he imposed on himself 20 years ago. What 12-year-old does that?

ps. Awesome. Hilarious.  And interesting.  A YouTube triumvirate.  I need to do something now to distract myself so I don't think about this too much and end up needing a drink myself.

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