The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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First: I really enjoyed this book. A lot. Like: A lot. Second: If Green had written this in the late nineties, this would had served as a kickass writing sample in an attempt to get staffed on Dawson's Creek. And I say that, largely, as a compliment. I'm not one to hate on the Creek. And I'm also one who most definitely enjoys a good story that's heavy on the overwrought, the wit, and the tragedy. The Creek could, at times, deservedly fade to black amid the mournful melodies of Kasey Chambers. And this book could as well. The kids are too smart here, and much of this is too neatly constructed, too WB TV (which is both a grace and a flaw). It even contains a special mid-season trip to Europe episode. And yet, I really, really enjoyed it. Much as I enjoyed the Creek reruns on cable as a guilty pleasure when I was buried brain-deep in pretentious grad school crap in the early 2000's. You don't always need a twist. You don't always have to be sublime. Often it's much more than enough to be done well, to have great characters and a great voice, and to create something into which readers will want to sink, dwell, and stay. Thank you, Mr. Green, for taking out the bad taste that was left in my mouth from the last two books I've read. And cue Kasey Chambers...

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ps. Speaking of which, I feel bad for all those people at Comic-Con this weekend who, I'm sure, won't be seeing a Pacey-Con 2012.


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