Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

There is a lot to like about Gillian Flynn, much to admire. But this book baffles me. It's being touted as summer/beach reading extraordinaire. It just made me miserable. It's like ill-advised sex with someone you don't know if you can trust. It's fun at first, then you start feeling nervous about it, and ultimately when it settles into what it always was anyway, it just makes you sick. Flynn is probably on a short list of writers who could make it as entertaining and impressive as it is. But when things are miserable all you see are the gimmicks and the woman behind the curtain. I kept thinking admiring Flynn's efforts behind the curtain would be enough. But at its end I was frustrated and glad it was over.

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ps.  BUT, I still recommend her.  Flynn is a smart, interesting weird.  She's warped and dark and brave.  Her first book Sharp Objects has stuck with me.

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